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US Women Shutdown Germany

That truly was one of most entertaining soccer matches I have ever seen.  I have seen plenty of soccer matches but I can never call myself an aficionado.  Something about international soccer and especially the World Cup that keeps me glued to the television. .  It has nothing to do with the USA and being a patriotic thing, but the level of play that has an intensity that cannot be matched by few other sports. Read More →

US Womens Soccer Team, Defense is Stellar Again!


The US woman soccer team beat China, 1-0, in the same manner they have been beating their prior opponents in the Cup Tourney. They’ve been wearing down the opposition with suffocating defense and efficient ball control.

Up until now, the offense hadn’t found its formula for a higher scoring output. The offense had been in a low risk, low reward mode which has been just good enough to win.  For all we know, Jill Ellis and the rest of the coaching staff knew that their opponents would be pressed to score so the emphasis has been not giving anything away.  It appeared the passing on offensive end had been slow and not spread out enough to create good passing lanes.  Against China, the offense showed some positive signs with Morgan Brian and Carli Lloyd bringing the spark they have been lacking.  Both helped the once plodding offense with speed and ball movement that gives this team hope.  When they get to full strength with the return of some key players, the team will further improve.

Which leads to Germany looming on Tuesday, the 30th of July.  It will be very intriguing to see how this unfolds with the number one defense, (USA) against the number offense, (Germany).  Who will bend first?  US still looks fresh and poised to rise to the occasion.  If they win, look out, they will be tough to stop.

World Cup Thoughts and US Futbol

The television ratings are saying that Americans are watching soccer, finally.   No doubt there appears to be more interest this time around for the World Cup circus.   I think it is safe to say, that it’s only because the USA is taking on the global community that draws viewers to sit down and watch this sporting spectacle. As soon as USA exits this tournament, then so goes the majority of the viewers.

We are intrigued by the fact that we can finally compete on the soccer world stage.   Once, the joke of the tournament, we have become formable opponents that can win a few matches. Lets face it, if thirty years of youth soccer leagues hasn’t paid off by now then we would be a sad bunch of athletes.

I am in the strong opinion that America’s best athletes are not playing the sport unlike other countries.

If American soccer got more than a smidgen of athletic pool than it could advance even further. Meanwhile, soccer will have to compete with the other four major professional sports for athletes, facilities and fans. The MLS in the States even gets outdrawn in attendance by NASCAR and Professional Wrestling.

Soccer will always be ranked down below the other professional sports by the average guy or gal on the street that do not feel that it offers the same nuances as other sports.   Such nuances being: (1) Smaller statured athletes that trying to avoid contact.   (2) Can’t use your hands and arms for much, except for throwing the ball inbounds.   (3) Low scoring (4) Embellished injuries (5) not enough breaks to get a hot dog (6) one constant TV angle

I want the sport to grow because of the World Cup. I don’t think we should ever lose to smaller country with our firepower. I want the sport to grow because smaller athletes still need a place to perform and possibly earn a paycheck. Lastly, I want the sport to grow because other sports are getting pricy and some good competition will help spread out the economics of professional sports.

Seriously, I enjoy watching this tournament based on the tenacity shown by everybody from the players and the fans and the press.   Stars are born and some others will be deflated, but a good team with well-oiled ball control is a beautiful thing.