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Conor McGregor, The Unstoppable Force

Beyond the brash showmanship lies a young man punching and kicking his way his to the UFC Feather Weight Championship. The much anticipated championship fight on December 15th against Jose’Aldo was done in a 13 second flurry, the fastest championship knockout in UFC history. Aldo attacked first and landed one punch but McGregor countered with a hard right that connected and floored Aldo.  McGregor pounced and finished with a couple of hammer blows.  Unsurprisingly, that is the style that McGregor uses, fast and furious but with precision hits.  There is no wasted energy, dancing and prancing and long grind out floor work, he gets the job done as quickly as he can.

The biggest weapon in his arsenal is his powerful and quick straight left hand that is like an air hammer. If he doesn’t smack you with that knuckle sandwich, there is a good chance he will land a kick upside your noggin with a wheel kick. The record shows it, 19 -2 spanning UFC and CWFC (Cage Warriors Fighting Championship) with 17 knockouts.

McGregor is just peaking as a fighter and will most defiantly be in the mix for a few years or as long as he can keep healthy. Now that he is on top, everybody will want a piece of him and to shut up him up.  No doubt he talks a big game and that is part of the scene when you sign on to fight him, but you better have good plan to beat him.  You will sustain blows and if you fend off most of them you might have an opportunity to grapple, if that is your game.

McGregor is the biggest show in town for UFC, taking that mantle away Ronda Rousey who is still smarting from her loss to Holm.   The challenge now is to find worthy opponents who will keep the train moving forward.  The world is in the palm of his hand now and it’s exciting for UFCto  have another big time celebrity in their fold.   I don’t know what motivates him now, there will be bigger paychecks or maybe he just wants build more of the legend and the brand.   Whatever he does, he’s got the mojo going forward.  Cheers to Conor McGregor!

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Ronda Rousey – Super Bad Girl Power

If you don’t know who Rhonda Rousey is by now, then you haven’t been reading enough sports rags or seen anything related to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Of course, not only is she the most popular face in her sport, but she is also a product endorser, an action movie actress and model.

Why would I bother writing an article about her when she already gets plenty of publicity? What angle could I take about this talented athlete? I remember one thing she said in an interview, that I believe is the driving force behind many of athlete with a highly competitive psyche. She talked about the intense need to not just compete but the overriding fear of failure. She is driven to be the best and there is no satisfaction in just giving a good effort.

You can spot these types of athletes in any sport. They overcome psychical shortcomings, upbringing, team sport limitations and they rise to the top because they hate failing more than anything in their life. They outwork their competition and never rely on their coaches to motivate them. It is like a hidden superpower that comes out when the competition needs to rise to the next level. They are going to fight and scrape until they have conquered.

Ms. Rousey had an illustrious career in judo which peaked at the 2008 Olympic Games. With that bronze medal victory, she became the first American to win an Olympic medal in women’s judo since its inception as Olympic sport in 1992. She reinvented herself as a MMA fighter champion over the past five years. It is safe to say she started the women cage fighter movement by being both unbeatable but also an empowering role model for women. I just like the attitude of bravado mixed with good sense of awareness. She appears to be grounded with humility and respect for her sport. Of course, that humility is left behind once she engages herself into a UFC match up.

Rousey, as a fighter mixes technique, power and speed as witnessed in her last fight that lasted 14 seconds. In fact, the last three fights have lasted a whopping total of 96 seconds. Is there any woman out there who stands a chance to beat her? If there is, she has to be someone with the similar drive and fear of failure.


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