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The Winter X Games Are Flipping Out

During the winter months as you filter through the sports landscape on the television, you are going to find a lot lame stuff like a college hoops game between Ball State and Bonaventure University.   Occasionally,  you will come across something that at first you were going to pass on, until you see the most unbelievably athletic feats that the human body can perform.   I just came across the Winter X Games in late January from Aspen Colorado.   Most of us have seen the various sports showcased in the X games but the Winter X games enlightened me on all kinds things you can do in the snow to endanger your well- being.  Read More →

The New Torture…. Ultra, Ultra, Ultra Marathons

I caught a little news blurb recently about an American women attempting to run seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. Wow….now that is some accomplishment, the first time to be done by an American woman.  Her name is Sarah Ames, an attorney from Chicago.  The journey begins in Antarctica where she will run in frigid weather while the penguins look in wonder.   I don’t know where it goes after that, possibly South Africa.   I am defiantly impressed with anybody who trains for a marathon and can finish the race.  One percent of one percent of the population can’t even run 5 miles or kilometers without wanting to take a break.   Run seven of these races in seven days and you’re talking about some type of super freak running machine. Read More →

Taking on the Eiger and JT Holmes



If you didn’t catch the segment that aired on 60 minutes on November 30th, then please do try if you want to see extreme sports on steroids.  I have only heard about, “the Eiger” as the backdrop for the 70’s movie with Clint Eastwood, “The Eiger Sanction”.  As entertaining as that movie was, extreme athlete, JT Holmes ‘ascent down the Eiger is nothing short of harrowing.   The Eiger Mountain is one of the largest mountains in the Bernese Alps, located in Switzerland.   The Eiger as it is called is one of the great mountain climbing destinations in the world and also known for extreme skiing.

The northern face is known for its sheer face and its climbable which is considered high achievement.   Even though it is conquerable, it is very dangerous due to falling rocks and ice, especially since sixty four climbers have died since 1935.   As far as extreme skiing, helicopters drop off brave skiers on the glacier side.   The skiing is considered very difficult but the skiers will be rewarded with an abundance of virgin snow. Read More →